by Brian Fletcher

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Father Knows Best? (6 of 9)
Series: Ephesians
Brian Fletcher
Ephesians 6:1-4

Intro: We live in a culture of clashing perspectives

Kids' Perspective:
- Obedience has a negative feeling
- Obeying means I have to do what my parents say because I am their slave
- I have my own things I want to do but never get to do them because I always have to do what my parents say
- My parents are dumb and do not know what's best for me
- We don't want to disobey, we just don't agree with your rules
- ''My parents don't remember what it's like to be a teenager and do not understand my life!''

Parents' Perspective:
- We want the absolute best for our kids
- We want our kids to live - be safe- and not do stupid things that could kill them (trust me, we've all done stupid things that could have gotten us killed and we do not want you to experience the same)
- We want you to have the best relationships…just with the right people
- We are not against dating… we're just against you dating
- We think it's ok to kiss your boyfriend or girlfriend…as long as it's on your wedding day
- We want you to look stylish…as long as we can't see your cleavage, mid-riff or underwear
- We do remember what it's like to be a teenager…and that's exactly why we have so many rules!

1. What does it mean to obey

a. Why should I obey my parents?

i. God commands us to obey our parents. We need to understand that God has chosen to order the universe in a particular way. The sun, moon, stars, they are all ordered to work together. Your body is designed in such a way that your brain, heart, lungs, every cell in your body works together for a purpose…to keep you alive. And so it is with how God has ordered the family and with children being under the authority of their parents.

ii. We are called to live God-glorifying lives. Everything we do goes back to one question:

1. What is my main purpose in life (What is the chief end of man)?

a. Answer: To glorify God and to enjo ...

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