by Jerry Vines

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Pergamos: The Loose Living Church (4 of 8)
Series: 90's Churches
Jerry Vines
Revelation 2:12-17

We are looking at the churches of the '90's as they are given to us in the Word of God in the letters of the Lord Jesus to the seven churches of Asia. We come this evening to the church of Pergamos.

There is a little village now on the ancient site of Pergamos known as Bergma. You can see the relationship in the two names. It is a mere shadow of the past glory that was the glory of Pergamos. Pergamos was located about 15 miles inland from the Aeagean Sea and it was the capital of NW Asia known as Mysia. There was a blend of political power and intellectual sophistication and paganism in the city of Pergamos.

Several things about Pergamos give us an interesting background and setting for this letter of our Lord. Pergamos was a center of learning. They had a magnificent library. There were over 200,000 volumes in this library. It was excelled only by the great library in Alexandria. In fact, the king of Alexandria, in that time became jealous of the library in Pergamos and refused to sell them anymore papyrus. We get our word paper from papyrus. That's what they used to write on. So, because they couldn't get any more papyrus for their writing instruments the people there, the intellectual community there, developed a parchment. We get the word, parchment, from Pergamos. It was made out of animal skins. We have young people getting ready to graduate and they will receive what is called their sheepskin. It will be a degree that is on parchment. Parchment was devised in this library at Pergamos. Because of this library it became a center of sophisticated learning and intelligence. Many of the keenest minds and the greatest intellectuals of the day congregated at the city of Pergamos. So, it was a center of learning.

More interesting than that to me is also the fact that it was center of medical activity as well. There was located in the city of Pergamos a ...

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