WAKE UP! (5 OF 6)

by Brian Fletcher

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Wake Up! (5 of 6)
Series: Acts
Brian Fletcher
Acts 20:17-32

Use an Air horn

Intro: Warning, falling asleep in church can be hazardous to your health!
We each have responsibilities/tasks that God has given us. We have to pay attention and live them out or we will be in grave danger. Our lives, our families and our very souls are at stake.

Wake Up! God is talking to you and you need to listen. We go through life slumbering around, trying to figure things out on our own. We go to church but we seem to leave all that was said in the sanctuary in the sanctuary. You know its kind of like the philosophy ''what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.'' What happens in church, Community Group, daily time in the Word and prayer needs to be lived out every moment of every day.

Testify to the gospel of grace
Teach the whole will of God
Keep Watch over ourselves and flock

Repent and believe and testify
Learn and apply
Keep watch

Let's take a look at each of our tasks and see how they fit together.

The Leader testifies to the gospel of God's grace (v.24)
In order for the leader to testify to God's grace he will have to admit his own sinful, rebellious and stubborn heart. God's grace is God extending favor and forgiveness to those who do not deserve it or have they done anything to earn it. Grace is unmerited favor toward someone.
To testify about God's grace means that I have seen and witnessed it firsthand. I have actually experienced God's grace toward me. I don't deserve it, I have not done anything to earn it. God loves me, forgives me, accepts me based on His gracious love towards me through the work of his son Jesus Christ.
Yes, I have broken all ten commandments. I have pride issues, I have anger issues, I get prideful, I think evil thoughts about others and I am in deep, deep need of God's grace. I can't live without it. God's grace has saved me and works on me every day. God's grace washes me clean, God's grace gives me a se ...

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