by Brian Fletcher

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A Story to Tell (6 of 6)
Series: Acts
Brian Fletcher
Acts 25:23 - 26:32

Intro: Max Lucado, Francine Rivers, John Grisham, Garrison Keeler. These aren't just authors they are storytellers. Everyone loves a good story. Storytellers bring mere words to life. It's good for words to come to life because words are important. Remember Jesus is called the Word, and Jesus is pretty important. God has chosen to reveal Himself to us in two main ways, one is through His creation and the other is through His Words in the Bible.
God has a story to tell. His story includes us and therefore our stories are interwoven into his grand story of the history of salvation. Today we come to Acts 25 and 26 where the apostle Paul gets to tell his story as it is interwoven into God's story. I want us to hear Paul's story and understand it, but I also want us to think about our own stories and how we are going to communicate them to the watching world around us.

Let's read the story that Luke has to tell in these two chapters. ''Wait, you are going to read a whole chapter and a half of the Bible? I'm going to take a nap!'' Please instead sit up and listen closely to the words. Put yourself in the audience that day. Imagine yourself not sitting on an uncomfortable plastic chair but rather sitting on a padded marble bench in a great hall listening to the apostle Paul give his defense of his faith to a Jewish King, who holds the fate of his life in his hands.

- Read Acts 25:23 - 26:32

1. What is Paul's story and how does he communicate it?

- Paul lived as a strict Pharisee. From the time he was a young boy he had been taught the Scriptures and all the traditions that the Jews had. Paul was well known as a Pharisee, so there were people still alive who could testify to how strictly he obeyed and followed the law, how much he studied and knew the Scriptures.
- Paul opposed, persecuted and gave consent to executing Christians. His words, ''with a raging fury'' v. 11. He travel ...

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