by Jerry Vines

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Philadelphia: Church Of The Open Door (7 of 8)
Series: 90's Churches
Revelation 3:7-13
Jerry Vines

We continue our journey as we move from church to church in the seven churches of the book of the Revelation. These seven churches give us a panoramic view of the churches of the '90's. All of the churches of our day can fit into one of the categories of these seven churches. Of all of these churches the Philadelphian church is my favorite church. It's the church I'm looking forward to visiting than any of the others. It is about 30 miles SE of Sardis and it is a very, very significant church. I'm sure if I had the opportunity of the seven that's the church I would want to attend and want to move my letter. I would like to be a part of a Philadelphian kind of church.

The city itself is rather interesting and it will give us a little background which helps us understand some of the things contained in this letter of our Lord to the church at Philadelphia. You know that the name, Philadelphia, means city of brotherly love. We have a Philadelphia which was very important and significant in the founding and constituting of America.

It was an interesting city in those days. It was a strategic city located in a very important place. Three great countries merged right there at the city of Philadelphia. It was also a city where some of the major highways of the Roman Empire came together. The west to the east and the north to the south, these great highways that carried the movement and the commerce of the Roman Empire journeyed across these roads and crisscrossed through the city of Philadelphia. So, it was a very strategic city.

This city really had been founded for a purpose and that was that Greek culture might be spread from the west all into the east. As this city of Philadelphia would carry on the Greek customs and the culture, as people would move on these highways, they would spread that culture all over Asia. This is why some referred to the ...

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