by Jerry Vines

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Matt. 18: 1-14
Dr. Jerry Vines
To get the total picture you have to go to the book of Mark 9,
and get the context which begins this particular account and this
experience between Jesus and His disciples. There we are told that the
disciples were having a little fuss and were arguing among themselves
about who was going to be the greatest in the kingdom. You have to keep
in mind that Peter, James and John had just come down off the mountain
of Transfiguration. Having come down from that experience they are
having an argument about who is the greatest in the kingdom. That's an
amazing thing to me. Jesus had just been talking about dying on the
cross and they are arguing about who is going to have the front seats in
the kingdom. They are not interested at all in denying themselves or in
dying, but rather they are interested in prestige and power and honor.
Seems like every time Jesus had something to say about dying on the
cross it revealed another flaw in the life of the disciples. So, in the
very context where Jesus had been talking about the cross, they- are
arguing about who is going to be the greatest. I can almost imagine how
the argument was going. Peter, talking aboLit the transfiguration, said,
"I saw it all. I was there and saw every bit of it." James says, "I
want you to know I was the first one to spot Moses and Elijah." I can
hear John saying, "Yes, but I was the closest to Jesus." The rest of
the disciples were standing there burning up with envy and jealousy.
They said, "You think you are so spiritual. We all know the reason
Jesus took you up there is because He knew if He didn't He knew you
would backslide while He was gone." All of them were having a real good
fuss and they were disputing about who was the number one--who was the
main person in the kingdom. In that situation Jesus said to them, "What
are you talking about?" When he said that they all grew very silent
be ...

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