by Jeff Strite

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The Treasure Pipeline (4 of 4)
Series: The Treasure Principle
Jeff Strite
II Corinthians 9:1-15

OPEN: Ray Stedman shared the true story of a man who lived in Houston that received a letter from a large international radio broadcast seeking support from Christians for their broadcasting.
They sent out a letter - the kind that is double-spaced, every sentence is a paragraph, and they underline part of it, etc…
The appeal of the letter was that God cannot be out-given, that if you give to God, he will give back to you. They announced that they needed a certain tremendous sum of money to maintain their broadcast. They had figured the number of their listening audience and they said in the letter that, if every person who heard their broadcasts would send in $76, this need would be met. Furthermore, they would guarantee, on the principle that God cannot be out-given, that he would find a way to give that $76 back three times over.
This was, therefore, the appeal of the letter: Send us the $76 and God will give it back to you; just watch how he does it.
Well, this man in Houston said he wrote a letter back which said, ''Sir, I believe what you have written; I believe it is true that God cannot be out-given; and I believe you have a tremendous need for funds. But I would like to suggest that you send me the $76 and God will give it back to you three times over. You can get rid of your debt a lot faster that way.''

I'm told that they took him off their mailing list

APPLY: What that radio station did was to utilize something known as the ''Health and Wealth'' Doctrine. It's a false teaching that's often used as a way to manipulate Christians into giving more than they already do to certain ministries/ and churches. It's an easy temptation to attempt to preach that false doctrine, especially when your church or ministry is in need of funds.

As with almost all false teachings, the ''Health and Wealth'' doctrine uses sound Bible passages and principles ...

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