by Jerry Vines

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Matthew 18:15-35
Jerry Vines
I think you will agree with me that these are indeed
very interesting and very practical verses of Scripture. They
actuallyltie together with the first fourteen verses of Matthew 18
which tell us how to get into the family of God. The opening verses
of the chapter tell us how to get into the family; now these verses
tell us how to get along in the family. The Lord Jesus has said you
get into the family by humbling yourself as a little child. Nobody
comes strutting into the family of God, but you come in singing "Just
as I am, without one plea, but that thy blood was shed for me, 0,
Lamb of God, I come." If we would adopt the attitude of humility all
the way through our Christian life it would certainly solve a great
many problems we have along the way. He is going to talk here about
a matter that is very important if you are going to live the
Christian life. That's how to get along with your brothers and
sisters in the Lord. In any family it's not always an easy matter to
get along with one another. If you have more than one child in a
family I'm sure you understand that from time to time, brothers and
sisters have their skirmishes. What is true in your physical family
is also true in the spiritual family--the family of God. From time
to time God's children have problems getting along with one another.
To dwell above with saints we love,
That will indeed be glory.
To live below with saints we know,
Well, that's another story.
I think of what Paul said in Colossians 1:4. He was
thankful for their faith toward the Lord Jesus and the love they had
for all the brethren (saints). The fact of the matter is it is a
whole lot easier to love some of the brethren than it is to love some
of the other brethren. Some believers are more lovable than other
believers and it takes a little more effort to love some of us than
it does to love some of the rest of ...

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