by Jerry Vines

Luke 11:1-13
Jerry Vines

We are in a series of messages around the general theme -- Stories That Jesus Told. I'm
talking about the parables of our Lord and in this particular passage of Scripture we have a story of
Jesus which I have entitled "The Sleepyheaded Neighbor."
If you had been with the Lord Jesus in His earthly ministry and had seen Him heal the sick and
had listened to Him preach and teach, what would you ask the Lord to do for you? Would you ask to
do miracles and heal people like He did. Or would you like to be able to teach and preach to
thousands of people and have them flock together to hear you speak? There was a disciple who came
to the Lord Jesus and the Bible says they were hearing the Lord pray and when Jesus had finished
praying the disciple came to Jesus and said, "Lord, teach us to pray." There was something about the
prayer life of the Lord Jesus that left an indelible impression upon these disciples. Something about His
relationship to the Heavenly Father, something about the way the Lord Jesus would move away from
them and go into a time of prayer, that was an impression upon them that they never, ever, ever got
away from.
When you study the prayers of the Lord you find that many nights Jesus would pray all night.
When you look at the fact that Jesus Christ prayed on every important occasion in His life. At His
baptism the Bible says Jesus was praying. When Jesus was transfigured before the disciples, the three,
the Bible says He was praying. Before the Lord Jesus selected His twelve disciples the Bible says He
spent all night in prayer. If Jesus, the perfect Son of God, who was God in human flesh, found it
necessary to pray, how much more should you and I pray?
If you get on an airplane the first thing they do is give y ...

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