by Jerry Vines

Matthew 19:3-15
Dr. Jerry Vines
I believe that the number one problem with the American family
today is the problem of divorce. Every year there are approximately one
million divorces in America. 1.8 marriages; one divorce every year in
America. Last time I checked in Duval County there were more divorces
each year than there are marriages. Under this pile of statistics lie
the crushed lives of millions of people who have experienced the horrors
and the aftermath of this terrible, terrible plague of divorce. There
are many people in the land who have taken instead of the Scriptures as
their guide, the soap operas as their standard of what marriage is
intended to be. Someone said that people seem to be married for better
or for worse, but not for long. The problem of divorce is a very real
problem in American society. I'm going to bring a message today that
will be preventive in nature. I do not do marriage counseling. We have
those at the church who do. My counseling on marriage is preventive in
nature. I try to show you what God says in the Bible about the subject
and prevent the problem of divorce from occurring. So, if you have been
divorced today, this message is really not directed to you. But it is
directed to those who maybe are thinking about a divorce or are on the
verge of divorce. I want to just share with you from the Bible what God
has to say about the subject of divorce.
In Malachi 2:16 the Lord says, "I hate divorce." That's alarming
to some people when they hear that statement from Scripture. When they
hear it they fail to understand what the Lord is saying. The Lord is
saying I hate divorce, but He is not saying I hate the divorcee. God
hates divorce, but He loves the divorcee. You could also say that God
hates alcohol, but He loves the alcoholic. God hates lying, but He
loves the liar. You could say God hates sin, but He loves the sinner.
God hates anything that will cause problems and heartache a ...

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