by Jerry Vines

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Smyrna: The Struggling Church (3 of 8)
Series: 90's Churches
Jerry Vines
Revelation 2:8-11

We are looking at the churches of the '90's with the background of the seven churches of the Revelation as our Bible guide. I believe that every church in the '90's can be found in one of the seven churches of the book of the Revelation. Elements of all of the seven churches may be found in any individual church, but there is one of these churches that would be descriptive of every church every where. We are going to study the church at Smyrna tonight, which I have called the struggling church. There are churches in the '90's that are struggling churches. The Lord Jesus has a message for them.

The church at Smyrna, the struggling church - we do not know a great deal about this New Testament church. There is no background in the book of Acts which tells us how this church came into existence. About all we know about the church at Smyrna is what we read in the letter of the Lord Jesus here in the Revelation as He addresses this very special and this very precious church.

We do know a number of things about the city of Smyrna where this church was located. It was north of Ephesus on the Aegean Sea. It was a very, very beautiful city. Some referred to it as the flower of Asia. Others referred to it as the crown city. As you left the harbor and moved inward toward Smyrna, it was located on the slope of a hill moving up to its top. As people approached it it was so beautiful and gorgeous that it did give the impression of being a crown on that hill. We use that name for cities today. There is a Smyrna, Georgia, which is a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia. Right here in Florida there is a New Smyrna Beach. So, the name of this city is a name that is used today.

There happens to also be a city still in Turkey around the location of this site of Smyrna known as the city of Izmir. So, here is a church that is located in this beautiful city of Smyrna. If you want to know ...

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