MATTHEW 19-10-12

by Jerry Vines

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Matthew 19:10-12
There is a variety of circumstances involved in how men
become eunuchs. The last part of verse 12 says,
He that is able to receive it, let him receive it.
Divorce is a tremendous problem in American society. There
are 1,000,000 divorces a year in this land, which means there are
2,000,000 people who experience a divorce in America. In fact, in
Duval County there are more divorces every year than there are mar-
riages. It is a tremendous problem that everyone of us have to
face. I don't suppose any of us have remained untouchedl by the
problem of divorce. There are some of you who come from divorced
homes. Your mother and father divorced, so you know what divorce
is all about. Some of you have been divorced yourselves or you
have children who have bene divorced. Maybe you have a dear friend
who is just now experiencing the aftershock of a divorce.
Normally, there are too extremes that people go to in the
matter of dealing with divorce. There are those who tend to be
very severe in dealing with a divorce. On the other hand, there
are those who are very permissive in the matter of divorce. You
want to avoid these two extremes. Malachi 2:16 says,
For the Lord, the God of Israel, saith that He hateth
putting away (divorce):
Divorce is a sin. We must never be light on the subject of sin.
If you and I hated sin the way God hated sin, then we would love
sinners the way God loves sinners. I would never want to give you
the idea that we are to be soft on the matter of any sin. That's
where the dilemma comes. While we do not want to be soft on the
subject of sin or permissive in our attitude toward divorce,
neither do we want to move in the direction of harshness and undo
severity in this matter. The Bible says that God hates divorce but
it doesn't say He hates the divorcee. You must always separate the
sin from the individual. God hates lying but God loves the liar.
God hates alcohol but God loves ...

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