by Jerry Vines

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Thyatira: The Liberal Church (5 of 8)
Series: 90's Churches
Jerry Vines
Rev. 2:18-29

I believe that all of these churches which the Lord Jesus Christ gives us in these letters are reflected in churches which actually exist at this present time. Elements of all of these 7 churches may be found in any individual church but I believe there is a church out of these 7 that would be characteristic of every church that is somewhere on the earth today. This is the church which we will call ''The Liberal Church.''

Rather interesting to me that the longest letter of the 7 letters of the churches is sent to the least known church. We do not know a great deal about the church of Thyatira. In fact we really don't know anything about it except maybe one little snippet of information I'll get to you later.

We do know a number of things about the ancient city of Thyatira. As you study these letters to the 7 churches and you look at them on the map you will find that they are in a semi-circle as you move from place to place. It's as if the postman is carrying these letters all the way around that semi- circle as the letters are delivered to these individual churches. The church of Thyatira was located in the ancient city of Thyatira, which is in ruins today and on the sight of the ancient ruins there is a Turkish village, Akhiser. The last time I saw the population was about 25,000. The ruins of the city of Thyatira have revealed several interesting things for us.

We know that the city of Thyatira was a military city. It was really kind of like a buffer city to prolong the attack that would be made against the capital of the area which was Pergamos. For that reason, the city of Thyatira was constantly being torn down and built up.

It was also an occult city. They had a temple for fortune tellers there and in that temple there was a famous female oracle, Sambathe'.

It was, thirdly, an industrial city, a great center of commerce and trade. One of the thing ...

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