by Jerry Vines

The Day God Stood Still
Jerry Vines
Matthew 20: 17-34

Verse 17 begins by saying that Jesus was going up to Jerusalem. That was certainly true geographically because from any direction when you went to Jerusalem you were always going up. But it was not only true geographically, it was also true spiritually. The Lord Jesus was on the way up to Jerusalem. He was on the way up to the feast of the Passover. Great multitudes of people were journeying from all over. Feast of the Passover in the city of Jerusalem. They were carrying with them sacrificial lambs to be laid on the altars. Jesus Christ is the Lamb of God Himself and He is on the way up to Jerusalem to the cross there to give Himself as a sacrifice for the sins of the world. All the way through the life of the Lord Jesus His eyes were on Jerusalem. In fact, Luke in his gospel says that Jesus steadfastly set his face to Jerusalem. All the way through His life there was an awareness on the part of the Lord that He would go to Calvary and there He would die for the sins of the world. As He began His ministry the Lord Jesus, as a twelve-year-old boys, said to His parents, "Woudst ye not that I must be about my Father's business." So, all through His ministry there was this incessant movement toward the cross. Jesus never hesitated. He always moved on. He never stopped. Nothing dissuaded Him. He was on His way up to Jerusalem and up to a cross to die. In that context, the Bible lays before us these verses I want us to study today.

We have read, first of all about -


This is the third time that Jesus has predicted His passion. You will notice in verse 18 He lets us know that He will be in Hebrew hands. There by them to be betrayed and condemned to death. In verse 19, He is going to be in heathen hands. He says they will deliver me to the Gentiles to mock and scourge and to crucify. Then He says he will be in heaven's hands. For He says the third day He will rise again ...

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