by Jerry Vines

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Things Worth Knowing
Jerry Vines
I John 2:18-27

This little book which God has given to born-
again believers is written that we might understand
some things that are worth knowing. The key word of I
John is the word, know. He wants us to know that we
have been born again and he wants us to know things
that are worth knowing as Christians.

One of the most important things Christians need
to know is to know what kind of time we are living in.
We need to have an understanding of our time. We need
to know the days we are in. It's important that
children learn to tell time. I heard about a fellow
who was out playing one afternoon. He said to one of
his playmates, "What time is it?" The playmate said,
"It's four o'clock." He said, "It can't be four
o'clock, mamma told me to be home at four and I'm
not." Little children have to learn to tell time so
they can be home when Mamma tells them to be home.

The same thing is true in the realm of the
spiritual. God's children need to know what the
spiritual time is. When you read the Word of God you
will find a variety of phrases are used to describe
the last days. Sometimes it is referred to as "the
last times (I Tim 4:1)." Sometimes it is referred to
as "the last days (II Tim 3:1)." In these verses of
scripture he is talking about the last time and
literally the word there is - hour. It is the last
hour. That's what he is saying in verse 18. There is
a sense in which all of God's children have been in
the last day since the coming of the Lord Jesus
Christ. The coming of Jesus Christ into the world
marked the beginning of the last age. So, in one
sense of the word every thing that happened and that
will happen since the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ
into the world, is preparation for the end of the age.

John said to believers in those days, "It is the
last time." I thought abo ...

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