by Jerry Vines

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Things Worth Knowing
Jerry Vines
I John 2:28-29

These two verses really kind of form a connector
between what has previously been said and what's going
to be said in the next chapters. In chapters one and
two the great subject of fellowship, being in God's
favor, is dealt with. In chapters three through five
the subject of sonship, being in God's family, is
dealt with. John is talking to us about some things
that are worth knowing. It is important to know how
to become a child of God. That's what you'll read
about in chapters three - five. This is why in verse
29 he says, "if you know that he is righteous, you
know that everyone who does righteousness is born of
him." (that is God's child) Our behavior ought to be
consistent with the nature which has been given to us
by virtue of the born again experience. So, we will
read in chapters 3-5 about this matter of sonship -
being in God's family.

In the first two chapters we have talked about
the matter of fellowship - how to be in favor with
God. It's one thing to be in God's family. It's
another thing to be in God's favor. I have four
children. They are all in my family. Nothing they can
do will keep them from being a member of my family.
But it is possible for them to fall out of my favor.
When they were little they might disobey me, they were
still my children, still in my family. But they were
not in my favor. They were not in fellowship with me.

Verse 29 looks forward; verse 28 looks backward.
In the 28th verse he summarizes what it means to be in
fellowship with God and how to know that you are
indeed in fellowship with God. I hope everyone of you
will know that you are God's child before you leave
this service. If you know that you are God's child I
hope you will leave knowing that you are in fellowship
with God, that you are right with Him.

I want to point out to you a ra ...

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