by Jerry Vines

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IT'S AWESOME (9 of 20)
Things Worth Knowing
Jerry Vines
I John 3:1-3

The first two chapters of John have to do with
the theme of fellowship and the key verse there is
chapter 1:5, "God is light." As we walk in the light,
as God is light, then we have fellowship with God.
Chapters 3-5, the great theme is the love of God --
being in the family of God -- sonship. The key verse
in this section is chapter 4:8, "He that loveth not,
knoweth not God, for God is love." God is light. That
makes possible fellowship. God is love. That makes
possible sonship. It's awesome!

We are in the family of God because of the love
of God. We are God's children because God loves us.
John 3:16, "For God so loved the world that He gave
His only begotten Son..." So, our inclusion in the
family of God is rooted in the love of God.

A study of the love of God can revolutionize a
person's life. I am convinced that if we ever get
hold of the truth that God genuinely and truly indeed
loves us, we can never again be the same. D. L. Moody
was a great evangelist of another generation and he
tells about an experience he had studying the subject
of love in the Bible. For many weeks D. L. Moody
studied the theme of the love of God and when he was
finished he said, "I could not help loving people.
The love of God just flowed from my fingertips."

When you and I come to understand the love of God
it will transform our lives. As we study this
wonderful love of God we come to the conclusion that
there is only one word to describe it and that word is
awesome. God's love is an awesome love.

In these verses we are going to consider today we
learn about this awesome love of God and the benefits
which the awesome love of God can bring into our
lives. I want us to see first of all that God's
awesome love makes possible our- I. PRESENT DIGNITY.

In verse 1 it tells us what we are. It tells us
what the ...

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