by Jerry Vines

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Things Worth Knowing
Jerry Vines
I John 2:12-14

The birth of a baby is a beautiful experience.
It can also be a hair-raising one. Maybe you read in
the paper this week about the birth of little Cleburn
Gaskins, III. He was born Tuesday of this week at the
St. Vincent's Memorial Hospital. Well, really he was
born at the front door of St. Vincent's. In fact, he
was actually born in his parent's blue Mercury Topaz.
It seems that the Gaskins are getting quite good at
this. Their two year old was also born in the same
car in an Amoco Service Station parking lot. So, when
little Cleburn was born last Tuesday and it became
apparent to the father that the baby was going to be
born before they could get into the hospital, the
paper said he ran out to the car and said to his wife,
"You can't do this to me again." But not only could
she, she did.

The birth of a baby is the easy part. The hard
part is taking a little baby and turning that baby
into an adult. The Lord Jesus talked about this
matter of being saved and He put it in the terms of a
birth. Jesus said to Nicodemas, "Ye must be born
again." Just as a person is born physically by means
of a physical birth; we are also born spiritually by
means of a spiritual birth. John, in this little
letter, also uses the same terminology. In the 5th
chapter, 1st verse he says, "Whosoever believeth that
Jesus is the Christ is born of God." He is talking
about being born again. He is talking about the new
birth. He is talking about being born spiritually.

In verse 12 of this chapter we have read when he
talks about "my little children" literally he is
saying, "My little born ones." He is talking to all of
you in this building who have been born again who are
members of the family of God by means of a spiritual
birth. Birth is the easy part. The hard part is
taking a spiritual baby and changing that ba ...

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