by Jerry Vines

Nehemiah 9-12
Jerry Vines
Three hours they read from the Word of God. As result of what
they read in the Word of God for three hours the children of God
gathered together in assembly, confessed their sins and the iniquities
of their fathers.
If you had gone to Jerusalem at this particular time you would
have witnessed a very unusual scene. You would have heard a loud
sobbing on the part of the people. You would have seen people who had
not eaten for several days because the Scripture says they were fasting.
You would see people who would put earth on the their bodies and thrown
earth up in the air. You would have seen people who were dressed in
sackcloth which was the garment of mourning. I have every evidence to
indicate from what we read here that these people are getting ready to
get right with God.
Don't you believe that's what the Lord would say to our day.
Don't you believe the Lord would say to America, "Get right with God."
If we don't get right with God as a nation our nation is headed for
judgment. It is inevitable that God cannot deny His Word. When we turn
away from God says He will pour out judgment.
The children of Israel are getting ready to get right with God.
They are serious; they mean business with God. God, through the
leadership of Nehemiah, had brought the children of Israel back to
Jerusalem for the rebuilding of the walls around the city. The building
of the walls was not intended as an end to itself. The purpose of the
rebuilding of the walls was to bring the children of Israel back to
Jerusalem, but also to bring them back to God. You must never confuse
the means with the end. You must never allow the means to become the
end. Same thing is true in the building of our auditorium. We have
a building that we are building but that building is not an end to
itself. It is a means to an end. The end is to win people to the Lord
Jesus and to help those who are saved grow and mature in their Ch ...

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