by Jerry Vines

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Back to the Basics
Jerry Vines
I Thes. 5:12-15

This little book of the Bible gives us some of
the basics of the faith as the Holy Spirit through the
Apostle Paul shares with these young converts in
Thessalonica. Those basic truths that are important
in their growth and maturity in the Christian life.
Along the way, he has talked about the place of the
Bible and the importance of the Bible in your life as
a Christian. He's talked about prayer. He's talked
about a variety of subjects in particular the second
coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.

One of the most important things in the life of a
young convert is a local church. When you study the
Bible you will find that when people were won to faith
in Christ, then they became involved in the activities
of a local church. When Jesus gave His Great
Commission in Matthew 28, He said, "Go and make
disciples of all of the nations, baptizing them and
teaching them to observe whatsoever commandments I
have given unto you." So, when a person comes to
Christ that's the beginning. But there must also now
be an involvement in a local congregation. The church
is absolutely vital if a young Christian is going to
mature and grow the way they ought to.

Someone said to me along time ago, "Preacher,
don't you think a person can be saved without
belonging to a local church?" I said, "Yes, I think a
person can be saved without belonging to a local
church. The thief on the cross is an example. But my
question is - why would a person want to do that?"
Why would you want to be saved and on your way to
heaven to spend the rest of eternity with born again
believers and not get to know some of those believers
in the here and now? Why would you want to live a
lone ranger kind of Christianity. So, when you are
saved you need to become a part of a local church.

You need to understand how things go on in a
l ...

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