by Jerry Vines

Life Inside The Walls
Jerry Vines
Nehemiah 7, II John 8

Don't get too alarmed when you see that long list of names in the chapter. I promise not to be more than about one minute per verse and there aren't but 73 verses in that chapter.

In the building industry there is a term that is sometime used beneficial occupancy. As I understand it, beneficial occupancy refers to that stage when the project is completed and it is now time to move in. That project has achieved beneficial occupancy it is ready to be occupied.

When you come to Nehemiah 5 God gives us beneficial occupancy. The wall has been completed in a miraculous manner; it is now time for the people to gather in and fill up the city of Jerusalem. So, Nehemiah 7 completes the first section of the book the rebuilding of the wall and it serves a kind of introduction to the second division the reviving of the people.

You will observe as you study in the whole book of Nehemiah and as you look at these opening verses, that Nehemiah was a man of tremendous organizational skills. Everything he did he did in an orderly and systematic kind of way. One of the things I learned from that is that God is a God of order. The Bible says we are to do things decently and in order. I've always believed God's work ought to be done that way. I have never believed we should be satisfied with the shabby and the shoddy in doing God's work. The tragedy in many churches today is that it is a miracle of God that God is able to do anything in their midst because they are so poorly organized and they take so lightly the work of the Lord. But Nehemiah teaches us the importance of doing God's work in the very finest and in the most organized manner.

I want us to notice in this chapter how Nehemiah goes about consolidating the work and organizing the people, getting ready to move into the city of Jerusalem and to live within the walls. There are three things I am going to deal with from these verses. Number one, we are goi ...

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