by Jerry Vines

Nehemiah 5:14-19
Jerry Vines
Because we have been away from Nehemiah for a few weeks, let's
just rewind for a moment and capsule where we are.
Nehemiah was the cupbearer of King Artaxerxes, the king of
Persia. He received the news about the dire conditions in the city of
Jerusalem and the wall having been broken down. God laid it on his
heart to return to Jerusalem to lead the people of God in the project of
rebuilding the wall. So, in the first seven chapters of the book we
have the rebuilding of the wall of Jerusalem. During this project
Nehemiah encountered many difficulties and obstacles and problems.
Sometimes the problems came from without -- enemy, opposition, those wh-
tried to hinder the work from without. Sometimes he encountered
difficulties on the inside of the wall. It's not the water on the
outside of the boat that causes the problem. It's the water that gets
inside the boat.
One of those difficulties we find in the 5th chapter because
this chapter is the account of the selfishness and greed that some of
the Jewish people had in their hearts. Because of their selfishness and
greed they were taking advantage of the situation and were actually
putting some of their own brothers in bondage. Nehemiah has dealt very
forcefully with this situation. He has confronted the situation. He
has dealt with the selfishness. He has proclaimed the Word of God
against the greed and the problem is rectified.
In that context in verses 14-19, Nehemiah gives his own personal
testimony. Nehemiah gives testimony as to how he as the governor of the
people conducted himself in troubled, difficult times. Nehemiah was a
great leader. He has to be one of the greatest leaders in all of the
Bible. He was not a preacher as such; he was a layman. He was a man
called of God to lead the people in a rebuilding project. But he was a
tremendous leader.
In these verses tonight, about Nehemiah, we find what I believe
to be the key ...

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