by Jerry Vines

Nehemiah 5:1-13
Jerry Vines
It's interesting to follow the great statements in the book of
Nehemiah. They begin back in chapter 1. Let's just briefly review the
great statements of the book of Nehemiah. The first one is in Nehemiah
1:3 where Nehemiah receives the message that there is great affliction
and reproach in Jerusalem. That's how it all began. Nehemiah got the
message about the the great affliction and reproach that was being
experienced by the people of God in Israel.
The second statement is down in verse 5. "O Lord God of heaven,
the great and terrible God." In a time of great affliction it is good
to know tht we have a great God. There is no problem too great or
beyond the power of our great God. The greatness of God is more than
enough to deal with every difficulty that we experience.
The next great statement is over in chapter 1 verse 10. "These
thy servants and thy people, whom thou hast redeemed by thy great power,
and by thy strong hand." We have a great God who has great power who
can help us in time of great affliction.
Move over to chapter 4 verse 1. "But it came to pass, that when
San-ballat heard that we builded the wall, he was very angry and took
great indignation, and mocked the Jews." There is the greatness of the
anger of the de-vil and his crowd when God's people get it in their
hearts to build the walls and do something magnificent for God.
Chapter 4:19 - "The work is great and large." The greatness of
our God overcomes the greatness of opposition and the awareness that we
have a great work for God keeps us going in the midst of our
difficulties. Now when we come to chapter 5 verse 1 there is a great
cry and this statement introduces us to a sad chapter in the book of
Nehemiah. Up to this point nothing has hindered their progress. In
spite of every attempt on the part of the opposition to hinder the work
going on in the building of the wall nothing has been successful. T ...

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