by Jerry Vines

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Back to the Basics
Jerry Vines
I Thes. 3:1-13

A week ago last night I had the opportunity to
lead a young man to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.
It is always a wonderful and a beautiful and a joyful
experience when you are present and someone receives
Jesus Christ into their heart and life. But, when a
person receives Christ as their Savior, that is not
the end of the job. The work is not over according to
the Scriptures. There needs then to be a faith-
growing program set into place.

The Lord Jesus, in the Great Commission,
commanded us to go and make disciples. Then, He said
baptizing them and teaching them to observe all
things. I'm so thankful that these young people who
have come to know Christ as their Savior are now
getting involved in a faith-growing program. They
have exercised their obedience unto the Lord by
following the Lord in baptism. Now, they have the
opportunity in the ministry of the local church to
grow and mature and develop in their faith.

That's really what the third chapter of I
Thessalonians is all about. We need to get ourselves
situated in the book thus far so we will understand
how this chapter fits into the overall picture. In
the first chapter Paul has taken the roof off the
church and has shown us the church's people. He shows
us how these young believers in Thessalonica had come
to Christ. He shows how they had been elected of God
and how the Gospel was brought to them. So, chapter
one we see the church's people.

Then, in chapter two you will recall, Paul opens
up his heart and shows us a church's pastor. He shows
us the kind of person a pastor ought to be and the
role and responsibility of a pastor as he faithfully
ministers the Word of God and as he relates himself to
the people of God. So, chapter one - a church's
people. Chapter two -- a church's pastor.

Now, in chapter three it's as if ...

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