by Jerry Vines

How to Get Up When You are Down
Jerry Vines
Nehemiah 4:1-23

In Nehemiah 3 things are moving along quite well. The work is going smoothly; the people are cooperating in a splendid fashion and it seems as if they are going to complete the construction project in record time. Things are going well and then in Nehemiah 4:1 it says: ''But it came to pass.'' It doesn't take long in the Christian life to understand that the Christian life is not a playground it is a battle ground. Just as sure as you make up your mind to build for God, just as sure as you decide let us arise and build the opposition, the devil, will always say let us arise and battle. Every time God gives to you a great opportunity you can expect that there is going to be great opposition.

Sometimes when opposition and criticism and difficulties come to us in our life and in our work for the Lord there is the tendency on our part to get discouraged and to get a little bit down. None of us likes to be criticized. None of us likes to encounter difficulties. When it comes the tendency is for us to get discouraged and depressed. The truth of the matter is we ought not let opposition discourage us. When opposition comes it is a sign that progress is being made. I think it was Spurgeon who said the devil never kicks a dead horse. So, we ought to be encouraged when opposition comes. The fact of the matter is, more often than not, difficulties land problems and trials cause us to get a little bit discouraged. It is the role of the devil to be a discourager. The devil has a variety of tools in his arsenal which he uses to try to hinder God's work. For instance, in II Corinthians 2;11 we are warned about the devices of the devil. In Ephesians 6:11 we are told about the wiles of the devil. In I Timothy 3:7 we are told again about the snares of the devil. The devil has an almost infinite variety of methods and devices and strategies that he uses in order to try to keep you from being what God wants you to be ...

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