by Jerry Vines

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How to Choose a Pastor (4 Of 15)
Series: Back to the Basics
Jerry Vines
I Thes. 2:1-12

In this charming little book written to new believers, the Apostle Paul brings us back to the basics of the faith. It is very important for all Christians, but especially new Christians, to know what we believe in terms of our faith and how to apply what we believe to our daily life.

One of the most important truths a young Christian needs to understand is the role of the local church in their Christian maturity and growth. When you study the New Testament you will find that when people were saved they were gathered together in congregations of local churches. The church is one of the basics of the faith. The church and its role in the life of a believer is one of the most important things you will ever understand.

If you are here and you do not have a local church home, I'm praying that before this service is over you will make the decision to become a member of this wonderful fellowship of believers in First Baptist Church, Jacksonville, FL.

In chapter one Paul has just lifted the roof off the church and showed us the people. In that first chapter you get a beautiful picture of the people who made up this early church of Thessalonica. You see the people in chapter one. You know, of course, people need a pastor. So, in chapter two Paul just lays bare his heart and gives you a spiritual x-ray of his own heart as a pastor. He gives you here a general picture of what a pastor is intended to be. Every believer needs a pastor. Every child of God needs someone who is their spiritual leader. So, in the church, God has given pastors. God has given men who have been called and gifted by Him to lead the congregation to teach the Word of God and help believers grow and mature in their faith.

You are going to find in the second chapter God's picture of what a pastor ought to be. Many people have a wrong concept of a pastor and they have an idealistic role of what a ...

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