by Jerry Vines

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How to Love in a World of Hate (11 of 20)
Series: Things Worth Knowing
Jerry Vines
I John 3:11-18

The little book of I John gives us some things that are worth knowing and you will observe as you move through these five chapters that certain themes occur again and again. One of the themes which is a recurring theme of this book is the responsibility of believers to love one another. It is based on the fact that God has loved us. God is love says this little book. And those who God, know love in their hearts.

In verse 11 he reiterates again the command to love and said, ''this is the message you heard from the beginning...'' It is not something new. It is as old as the existence of God Himself. It is real as the experience of the Christian life when Jesus Christ comes into your heart and life. Love one another. It is an evidence that we are truly born again when there is love in our hearts. It is also an evidence to those who view our lives that we are God's children when they witness the love we have one to another.

In John 13:35 the Lord Jesus said, ''By this shall all men know that you are my disciples if you have love one to another.'' We are living in a world of hate. In a world where there is so much hate, where there is so much animosity and anger, when a person has experienced the love of God in his own heart and begins to manifest that love of God in his dealings with other people, there is a tremendous testimony to what Jesus Christ can do in a heart and in a life.

Sometimes, in the Bible, we are taught truth by means of contrast. This is one of those passages of Scripture. We have here a contrast between two lives that were lived on this earth. One of those is taken all the way back in the book of Genesis. In verse 12 it tells us about a character in Genesis named Cain. Cain is an example to us of where love is absent. Down in verse 16 it reaches into the life of the Lord Jesus and His sacrifice at Calvary and shows us in the life o ...

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