by Jerry Vines

Nehemiah 2:11-20
Dr. Jerry Vines
Nehemiah arrives in the city of Jerusalem. God had put in his
heart to do a wonderful work for him. He was to return to the city of
Jerusalem and there he was to lead the people in rebuilding the walls
that were broken down and the gates that had been burned with fire. He
prayed about this and God had it burning upon his heart. He had gone
into the presence of the king who was the human resource who would make
it possible for him to do what God had laid on his heart to do. In the
opening ten verses of this chapter we have discussed the preparation
that Nehemiah is making to get this job done. Now in verses 11 through
the end of the chapter we will see how Nehemiah proceeds as he begins
the project God has laid upon his heart.
We are going to discover in our study of Nehemiah that Nehemiah
is a magnificent leader. He is what you would call a born leader. God
had appointed him, called him, gifted him to be a leader. The
leadership secrets of Nehemiah are indeed magnificent. From time to
time some of you men in your travels may pick up the magazine of Delta
Airlines. Each month in that magazine there is a feature article on a
CEO of some successful corporation in America. I am very confident that
were Nehemiah living today he would be a CEO of a major corporation in
America. If Nehemiah ever comes to town and has a leadership seminar be
sure that you go. What Nehemiah teaches about leadership by his own
example is wonderful indeed.
The principles of leadership which Nehemiah gives to us are
principles that can apply in your secular world as well as in your
spiritual world. Of course, my emphasis is on the spiritual. I am
interested in doing a work for God. I am interested in building up the
walls of testimony that are broken down. The walls of protection and
the walls of separation and the walls of witness for Jesus Christ that
are broken down in our church world today. So, I' ...

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