by Jerry Vines

Matthew 21:32-46
Jerry Vines

You can tell that it is the Christmas Season. All around our church we have the beautiful
decorations of Christmas and we are beginning to sing the Christmas carols. And we are right in the middle
now of all of our celebrations and all of the music which reminds us again of the meaning and the purpose
of Christmas time.
Did you read in the paper the survey that was taken about what people think about when they think
of Christmas? Did you notice that family time is a very important part of Christmas and it is. Did you also
notice that now only a small percentage of people really understand what Christmas is all about and the
meaning of it?
You and I know what Christmas really means. You and I understand that Christmas is the season
of the year when we celebrate the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, our Savior into the world. There is no
better way to capsule the meaning of Christmas time than John 3:16 which says, "For God so loved the
world that He gave His only begotten son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have
everlasting life." Christmas is the celebration of the gift of God's Son, the Lord Jesus Christ to this world.
You need also to keep in mind that when Jesus came into the world the Bible says that He came
to a particular place on the earth. He came to the land of Israel. John 1 says, "He came unto His own."
So, the life of our Lord was spent entirely in the land of Israel. It is not a very large land -- approximately
150 miles north and south, approximately 50 miles east and west. It was in this small spot on the earth that
the Lord Jesus came, He lived, He conducted His ministry, He died, He rose again, and He went back to
When the Lord Jesus lived i ...

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