by Jerry Vines

Keys to Spiritual Success
Dr. Jerry Vines
Nehemiah 2:1-10

We briefly have to sketch what we are dealing with here to understand where we are. Nehemiah is now the cupbearer of the king, Artarxerxes, the king of Persia. He receives a report from those who have been in Jerusalem about the miserable, pitiful conditions there. The walls are broken down and the gates have been burned by fire. So moved was Nehemiah about this that God put it in his heart to go and do something about it. Nehemiah has been praying. Nehemiah has been calling on God and asking God to make it possible for him to leave where he is to go to Jerusalem and lead the people in the rebuilding of the wall.

In verse one of chapter two Nehemiah tells us that what happened in this chapter took place in the month Nisan. That was sometime in March and in April of the year. In chapter one, verse one, you will notice that it begins in the month Chisleu. That was sometime in November or December of thi year. When- you put those two together you discover that Nehemiah has been praying about this matter for four months. Nehemiah knew not only how to watch and pray, Nehemiah knew how to wait and pray. Sometimes when God lays something on your heart to do it doesn't mean that you can just run out and do it right then.

Sometimes we have to wait and pray. Sometimes we have to go through many months of agonizing prayer that God will open doors, that God will move in the hearts of people to make it possible to do what we want to do. It is always wise to pray about a matter. It is always important to be sure before you just run out on your own to know that you have prayed the matter through.

In Isaiah 28:16 Isaiah says, "He that believeth on Him shall not make haste." I have always found in my life that if I am dealing in the will of God I never have to be hurried and harried about the matter. If it is in the will of God, it is according to the plan of God and so God will lead me day by day, step by st ...

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