by Jerry Vines

Weeping Before Working - Part 2
Jerry Vines
Nehemiah 1:4-11

Nehemiah is the cupbearer of the king of Persian in the winter palace know as Shushan. He has received a delegation that has returned from the city of Jerusalem and has inquired of them about the conditions there. He does not receive a very positive report. In fact, he receives a very dismal report. He hears that God's people there are in great reproach. He hears that the walls around the city of Jerusalem have been broken down and the gates of entrance have been destroyed by fire. When Nehemiah hears this report his heart is greatly moved to prayer. The book of Nehemiah records for us one of the greatest miracles in all the Bible. It is the miracle about how God used this man, Nehemiah, and a small group of people cooperating with Him to rebuild the walls around the city of Jerusalem in record-breaking time.

The key to that miracle, the behind the scenes activity that brought that miracle about is the prayer that Nehemiah prays in chapter 1.

Behind every great work of God, behind every great miracle of God on this earth there is a kneeling figure who has learned how to get in touch with God in prayer. One of the things God is blessing our church more than we could ever imagine is the prayer ministry God has given to us. Literally thousands of our people are prayer warriors and pray every day that God will undergird our work here. That God would bless our work here. That the Lord will be with us in our problems and give us victory in our problems. It is when those prayer warriors spend that time every day along with God in prayer that all of heaven's power comes to bear on this work right here. I'm talking tonight about the importance of prayer. Prayer is the key to success in any great work for God.

In verse 4 we are told what the reaction was of Nehemiah.

Nehemiah cared enough to ask. Nehemiah cared enough to be interested in what was going on in the situation there in Jerusalem. When he ...

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