by Jerry Vines

Matthew 24:15-39
Dr. Jerry Vines
Matthew 24 is our Lord's three part sermon on the end tiir. He takes
each division of the human race, the Gentile nations, the Jews and the Church and
He shows how the end times relate to them.
In the message last Sunday mrning in verses 4 thro 14, we see the
Lord Jesus talking about the end tii in relation to the nations of the world.
As you read through these verses, you will notice several times He makes
reference to the nations. And so the lord is talking about what will happen at
the end of the age in the world in general.
But now, when you cme to the 15th verse, there is a distinctly different
flavor in those verses. We are clearly on Jewish grond. Verse 15, the
'1 ' |r nn of desolation, Daniel the Prophet. Verse 16, He talks about those
who are in Judea. In verse 17, He talks about the Sabbath Day. And in
particular in verse 21, He talks about the Great Trihllaiien and when you put
what the Bible says about the Great Tribation together you will find that it
has a special reference to the nation of Israel. Now the Bible teaches that
God's people are going to P)p~ri tribulation and trouble. For instance back
in verse 9, the Lord says, "Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted....
There's the verb form for the noun tribulation. He says, "You are going to
Pyppr;inp ti;blAienn 1" Trouble, affliction, sorrow is a part of the life of
God's people in all of the ages. For instance, over in the book of Acts the 14th
chapter and the 22nd verse, listen to the words of the Apostle Paul. He says in
Acts Chapter 14 and in verse 24 that, "We must through mc ihilatirn enter
into the Kingdam of God." And so trihilati;n is a part of experience of God's
born again people, but aiic irihilation is a different matter from the Great
Tribulation. Now when scripture uses the term "Great Tribulation" it's talking
about a definite period of time and it's talking about a definite group of
people ...

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