MATTHEW 24:1-14

by Jerry Vines

ATTHEEW 24:1-14
When Jesus prenc ANALIdimAn on the temple, turned and walked away
never again to return, the disciples coild not believe their ears. The mos
per=anent thing the disciples of Jesus Christ knew was the temple, the center of
Jerusm. It was stable, it was the most lasting fixture in all of their
national life. In fact, the temple was that around which everything in the
nation of Israel evolved. It was a magnificent building. In fact we are told
that some of the stones were 40 feet in lent, they were 12 feet in depth, and
they were 20 feet in width. And so they were white, polished beautiful stones
and it took years and years for it to be onstruc. In fact, at this
particular time, the temple was still under onstruction and would not be
ccmpleted until A.D. 64. And so for the Lord Jesus to say that this was all to
be desolate, that all of this was to be deserted was absolutely astounding to the
understanding of the disciples. And so as they walked out of the temple, the
disciples of the Lord Jesus looked at all of these stones and all of these
buildings and they called attention to Jesus of all of these magnificent
buildings. Well, Jesus, was not impressed, and so He stunned the disciples even
further when He said to them, "Do you see all of these things? Not a single
stone is going to be on top of another. It will all be thrown down." Now you
and I understand that what Jesus predicted would come to pass did cam to past in
A.D. 70. Titus the Rcoan General invaded the city of Jeruselem. Titus had
decided that he wanted to preserve the temple, so he sent the orders to his
soldiers that the temple was not to be destroyed and he said that they were not
to do anything to the temple. But a soldier came and took a torch and threw it
into the temple, and the temple came down. The word of Titus was no match for
the Word of the Lord Jesus Christ. When Jesus says the word, you can mark it
down it is ...

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