by Jerry Vines

Matthew 25:1-13
Dr. Jerry Vines
I think all of you will agree with me that Jesus Christ was indeed the
master Teachere was never a teacher like the Lord Jesus Christ. One of
the things Jesus did that made Him such a masteacher is that He
illustrated what He had to say so that people by means of illustration could
understand the truths that He was conveying to them.
One of the ways that Jesus illustrated His mesges was by means of
parables. Now a parable is an earthly story with a Heavenly ening. H would
take something that the people understood, scomething that was common to everyday
life, and He would use that familiar illi trtiecn to il1li tre a spiritual, a
heavenly truth. Now that's exactly what we're going to find in Matthew 25.
Chapter 24 is our lord's three part sermon about the end tiue. He talks about
His return again in the end time in relation to the three great divisions of
humanity. In relation to the Jews, the Gentiles and also to His church. Now in
the 25th chapter of Matthew, Jesus is going to illustrate His ser, and by
means of three parables Jesus will illustrate the end times as they relate to the
Jews, to the Gentiles, and to His church.
Now the particular illustration we have here is the familiar one of the
ten virgins. The ten virgins that went out to meet the brierooi when he comes.
The prnnr application of this parable is to the Jewish nkition. Th bridegroom
is the Lord Jesus Christ. The bride out of sight represents the church. The ten
virgins represent the nation of Israel. These ten virgins fit into the category
of those described in Revelation 19:9 as the friends of the Bridegroom. Those
friends that have been invited to Core and share in the great marriage
celebration between the Groan, the Lord Jesus Christ, and the bride, the church
of our Lord. So, that's the primary application of this parable. Buft, there is
also an application for you and for me. A practical down to earth illust ...

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