by Jerry Vines

The First Lord's Supper
Dr. Jerry Vines
Matthew 26:14-35

In just a matter of days, the Lord Jesus Christ will be on a rugged cross outside the gates of the city of Jerusalem. There will no more public appearances. There will no more public sermons on His part. The running battle between Jesus and His enemies will be no more. They will do their dastardly deed.

And so the Lord Jesus now is gathering His own disciples. He is going to spend some time with them in intimacy and in close fellowship. He knows what is going on behind the scenes. He is aware of the fact the religious leaders have already plotted his death. They have determined what they are going to do. And so, as hostility is arising in their heart, love is overflowing in the heart of the lord Jesus Christ. In these verses that follow in the closing scenes of our Saviour's life, we're going to see man at his very worst. We're going to see Jesus Christ at His very best.

Now the central theme of these verses we are going to study this morning is gathered and we call the table of our Lord. The most sacred spot in human history. It became the most famous room in all of the history of the world. There is no table in all of human history more famous than the table that will be spread in this particular scene. In fact, in hundreds of thousands of churches like ours this morning, there is a miniature replica of that table often displayed. You see right down here in front of this pulpit there is a table. It is known as the Lord's Supper table. It is a replica of the original table that was spread that night when Jesus gathered with His disciples. For believers, it has beam to be the most sacred spot on earth. From time to time, God's children gather around a replica like this and we remember what Jesus taught us to remember that night when He gathered His disciples there. Though His enemies are closing in around Him, Jesus spreads the table before them. But, before we think about the supper, first of all ...

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