MATTHEW 28:16-20

by Jerry Vines

MATTHEW 28:16-20
Dr. Jerry Vines
These are the closing words of the gospel of Matthew which is
the first book of our New Testament. For a number of weeks and months
now we have been studying this book and at this point we have come to
the time when the Lord Jesus, having died on the cross for our sins,
buried, risen again on the third day is getting ready to go back to
heaven. So, the Lord Jesus has told his disciples that they are to meet
him at a prearranged place. Back in the 10th verse of this chapter
Jesus said, '"... be not afraid; go tell my brethren that they go into
Galilee, and there shall they see me." This is that prearranged meeting
which Jesus has with his disciples and it was to take place on a
mountain where Jesus had appointed. We do not know where that
particular mountain was. We do know that the Lord Jesus seemed to have
an infinity for mountains. The greatest sermon ever preached was the
sermon of our Lord known as the Sermon on the Mount. So, it was from a
mountain that Jesus preached that great sermon. When he selected his
disciples, after he had spent all night in prayer, the Bible said that
he did that in a mountain setting. Then, that great transfiguration
experience when the Lord Jesus was transfigured before his disciples.
All of the glory that was his on the inside began to radiate on the
outside. That took place, we are told, on a mountain. It is from a
mountain that the Lord Jesus will ascend and go back to heaven -- the
mount of Olives just outside the city of Jerusalem. So, Jesus has an
affinity for mountains. I enjoy mountains also. I was in Virginia last
Saturday and was going up to Harrisburg, Virginia, and we crossed
through a portion of the Shennendoah Valley and we went across Walton's
mountain. Do you remember the television program of the Waltons and
John Boy and the little country store. It's all up there. Waltons
Mountain. There is just something about the mountains that lifts the
s ...

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