by Jerry Vines

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Health Care Plan for '95
"RX: Hands on Training"
January29, 1995
OpeningJoke: Gus /t Iwm infer J4A C)t WN \rQ ~~~~~~~~~& WQ~~~~~ V C O(Jk ot
When we come to the end of 95, what kind of health will we have? What kind of shape
wVill we be in? What will we have spent our life on? What will we have invested our life
in? If we come to the end of 1995 - or the end of our life for that matter - and we are
asked, "What did you do with your life?" Hlow would you determine if your life made a
ditterence or not? How would you determine if you made an impact? What will you
look for? Wealth? Fame? Health? Power? prestige?
There are three things you can do with your life. You can waste it, spend it or invest it.
Illus.: Wasted life: Rod Ilittlepage wasting his life in college - sacrificed college and
possible pro career. Spend life: Career, hobbies, leisure.(Illus. Steve Jobs offering John
Sculley job at Apple - hiring away from '"Sugar water" Pepsi Corp. In Other Wovrds,
But the best use of your life is to invest it. You need to invest your life into something
that will outlast it.
transition: I want to look at a few principles this morning that will help us invest our
life. We need to take a look at this prescription and swallow each of these components
so that we might understand better how today, this week, this month, this year, will eflect
the rest of our life.
The prescription for 1995 is to get some hands on training. To use your hands - your lieI
- to make a difference. Some of us may say, ' 1ley, I'd like to, but I'm not really sure how
to. I'm not really sure what I have to offer others. I'm good at my job, or I can do a few
things, but how in the world could God ever use me? What do I have to offer Him'?
Well, let's take a look in the New Testament where we read an investment report of a
particular group of investors. These investors were ...

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