by Jerry Vines

Romans 15:22-33
Jerry Vines
In II Corinthians 11 Paul is recounting different details of his
ministry and in the 26th verse of that chapter he has a little phrase
"in journeys often." In that little phrase Paul encompasses all that he
did in his effort to see that the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ was
extended to the ends of the Roman Empire. Paul had a great desire.
Paul had a great burden. That burden was that the cross of Jesus Christ
be planted in the heart of the Roman Empire. So, over the land and
through the sea Paul made journeys and the purpose of those journeys was
to get the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to the whole known world at
that particular time.
When you study the journeys of Paul you will discover that he
had a definite strategy in mind. You will find that when Paul went on
his journeys he went to all of the major cities of the Roman Empire.
Her went to Athens. He went to Ephesus. He ultimately went to Rome.
As you read the journeys of Paul and the fact that he went to these
major cities you will find that Paul had very little to say about the
wonders of the world that could be found there. For instance, he went
to Athens and yet he makes no mention of the Parthenon. He went to
Ephesus and there is only a passing mention of the Temple of Diana. He
goes to the city of Rome and yet there is no mention made of the
Coliseum. When Paul made his missionary journeys he was not going there
to take snapshots. Paul was going there to win converts. The journeys
of Paul were not for the purpose of seeing the sights but for the
purpose of saving souls. There was a reason. There was a ministry for
why Paul did what he did.
The question may arise in your mind - why are we going to spend
any time tonight talking about the journeys of a man that took place
several thousand years ago. Why are we going to dig back into the musky
past? Why are we going to pull out these dusty records of the jou ...

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