by Jerry Vines

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Back to the Basics
Jerry Vines
I Thes. 1:4-8

We are living in a time of great spiritual
confusion. Even many Christians do not know what they
believe, nor how what they believe applies to their
daily lives. I feel it is important for us in these
kinds of days to go back to the basics and find just
exactly what the essentials of the Christian faith
are. It is important for us to know the basics of the
Christian faith, to know what we believe. What we
believe ultimately determines what we do and how we
behave. What you believe will determine your
behavior. Christians will live better when they
believe better. Christians will become more like the
Lord Jesus Christ when they learn more about who the
Lord Jesus Christ is and what Jesus has done for them.

The reason I have chosen this letter to the
church of the Thessalonians as our study in back to
basics is because you really have a miracle church
here. You have a church that was a miracle of God.
Of course, every church is a miracle of God, just as
every Christian is a miracle. But when you read the
background of this particular church you will find
that the Apostle Paul spoke three Sabbath days in the
synagogue and as result of this, many people were
saved. He now writes a letter back to them and in
this letter he gives a great number of the basic
truths of the Christian faith.

It is an amazing thing that here these young
Christians were and yet Paul had grounded them in the
essentials of the faith. In a very short time these
Christians seem to have a grasp and an understanding
of what the Gospel really is and how the Gospel
relates itself to our daily lives.

We are studying here because we look at these
doctrines and we need to understand them for our lives
today. Look at the 4th verse. Paul says, "Knowing
brethren, beloved, your election of God." I talked a
little last week ...

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