by Jerry Vines

Romans 14:1-6
Jerry Vines
I was called to preach when I was a 16 year old boy. At the age
of 18 I was called to be pastor of my first church. In the first years
of my preaching, before I became a pastor, I did quite a bit of revival
work, primarily preaching youth revivals. I remember on an occasion I
was preaching a revival meeting in a rural church. Over on my left side
was where the ladies sat and on the right side is where the men sat.
They were called in those days the "Amen Corner." I noticed the first
night of the service that the ladies did not have on makeup. I later
learned from the pastor that they believed it was wrong for a Christian
woman to wear makeup. I also noticed that when they came into the
service they had a little can and occasionally as I would be preaching
they would look up and say, "Amen." Being a boy from the little country
town I was unfamiliar with this . The pastor later explained to me
that that can was a snuff can. So, it was wrong for them to wear
makeup. It was alright for them to use snuff. Given a choice in the
matter I personally would prefer makeup.
I found out real soon that there were wide differences of
opinion among Christians about matters of right and wrong. For
instance, in the little town where I came from you couldn't play pool.
I L, - hpr one time I slipped into the pool room and I couldn't enjoy
the game because I could feel the presence of my father looking right
over my shoulder. It was wrong to play pool in my town but it was
perfectly alright if you wanted to go bowling.
One of my first churches, in a town about 35 miles away, I found
out very soon that it was not acceptable for me to go to a bowling
alley and enjoy a bowling game because it was considered wrong for
Christians to bowl in that town. Pool was alright, but bowling was
Along the way I have found that Christians just differ on all
kinds of things. There are differences of opi ...

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