by Jerry Vines

Romans 13:11-14
Jerry Vines
When I completed making my visits last Tuesday night I looked
down at my watch and it wasn't working. It suddenly dawned on me that I
didn't know what time it was. If you don't know what time it is you're
in a fix. Do you know what time it is? Do you really understand what
the Bible has to say about the time?
I saw a sundial a few years ago that had an inscription on it -
It is later than you think. In 1994 that is certainly true about us.
The verses of Scripture we are studying tonight have a great deal to do
with time. The subject of time is mentioned here and the whole thrust
of this passage is that you and I need to be aware of the times in which
we live.
Notice in verse 11 that our salvation is related to time. In
the last part of verse 11 it says for now is our salvation nearer than
when we believed. I thought if you received Jesus Christ as Savior you
were already saved. Yet, this verse seems to indicate that something is
something out there in the future. When you study the New Testament you
will discover that the whole theme of our salvation experience is
related to time. You would be perfectly correct in saying "I have
been saved; I am being saved; and I am going to be saved. Ephesians 2:8
says For by grace are you saved. That salvation in relation to past
time. That moment you receive Jesus as your Savior your sin penalty
which Jesus paid for at the cross of Calvary is dealt with and so you
can say "I have been saved." That's justification.
Then the Bible talks about our salvation in relationship to
present time. So, you would be correct in saying "I am being saved."
That's our sanctification. Day by day, we are becoming more of what we
ought to be and less of what we are. Day by day, we are becoming more
like the Lord Jesus, or we should be. So, we can say "I am being
But the Bible also makes it very clear that you are going to be
saved. "Our salvation is n ...

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