by Jerry Watts

What of the Night
Jerry Watts
Isaiah 21:6, 11-12

It would be easy for you to ask the question, ''What kind of text is this for 21st century, affluent, 'got-it-altogether', self-sufficient, and really good people?'' After all, the pulpit is expected to be a place of 'how-tos' and 'how-wills' and even 'whats-in-it-for me' type of messages. It is not a criticism of the men who fill the pulpit, rather what has become an expectation in modern times.

Admittedly, I find myself in a peculiar place. For 25 years I preached to, basically, the one group week in and week out as their pastor; now today, I find that I do not carry the designation of Pastor and I preach to different groups each week. In this past 6 months I have watched our culture and country slide quickly down a greased banister toward destruction while hearing few voices stand to offer words of warning about the state of culture and country commiserating that if no change happens great peril lies ahead.

One of my favorite preachers of the 20th century is Vance Havner. Even though his messages were largely written in the 1940's and 50's, they are quite relevant today. I read and digest his words regularly and those words along beside God's word has brought me to this mindset.

In the timeline of humanity, this is bottom of the ninth, the 18th hole, the 4th quarter, or this is ''Saturday night.'' The handwriting is on the wall. The national events should awaken us.

The interesting thing is that God's people, for the most part, have found themselves like Amos 6 says, 'at ease in Zion', or like Isaiah 56 says, ''Tomorrow will be the same as today and much more abundant.'' For me this underscores that the signs point toward the second coming of Christ and the end of the age. Jesus said, (Matt 25) ''The Son of Man is coming in an hour you do not expect.'' Here's the tell-tell truth: Does this even catch anyone's attention anymore? Are we grown callous to the message which Christ gave us in His fin ...

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