by Stephen Whitney

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Faith Acts (3 of 10)
Series: Hebrews 11
Stephen Whitney
Hebrews 11:8-12

Early explorers like Christopher Columbus, made his first voyage from Spain to the West Indies in 1492, only using a compass along with charts which showed the position of the sun, moon and stars to navigate the more than 4,000 miles across the oceans.

About 200 years later the sextant was invented which had a 120 degree arc so sailors could determine the angle between an object in the sky and the horizon and as a result know their latitude and longitude on the oceans. Navigational devises were important if you were going to reach your destination.

Gary Inrig wrote, ''Navigators are people who are headed for a destination. They know where they want to go. Believers know where they are headed, although we do not know all that we will encounter on the journey. And we have something much more tangible than a dream. Christ-followers possess a God-given promise and calling. Our calling not only informs our decisions but also shapes our lives . . . what we believe about the future directly determines our present.''

What we believe about the future determines how we live now. If I believe that education is important for the future than I will study hard to get the best grades that I can now. If I believe that retirement is possible I will save money for it now. If I believe that Christ will return then I will live a life to please him now. If I believe that God has a purpose for my life then I will trust his promises and believe his word now as I make my choices.

Inrig wrote, ''Faith is a hope-filled view of life, grounded in confidence in God and directed toward the promise of God.''

Faith in believing the promises of God is clearly demonstrated in the life of Abraham, so the writer of Hebrews spends more time devoted to him in this great chapter of faith than to any other person in verses 8-19.

We are not told how God called Abraha ...

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