by Stephen Whitney

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Faith Is Tested (5 of 10)
Series: Hebrews 11
Stephen Whitney
Hebrews 11:17-19

A friend of actress and comedienne Gracie Allen (d. 1964) once sent a small live alligator to her as a gag. Not knowing what to do with it, she put it in the bathtub and then left for her appointment.
When she returned home, she found a note from her maid.

''Dear Miss Allen: Sorry, but I have to quite. I don't work in houses where there is an alligator. I would have told you this
when I started, but I never thought it would come up.''

When Abraham left his home to travel to a new country based on the promise of God that he would become the father of a great nation, he never imagined that God would ask him to sacrifice
his only son as proof of his love for God more than for his son.

John Calvin wrote, ''His mind must of necessity have been severely crushed, and violently agitated, when the command and the promise of God were conflicting within him. But he came to the conclusion that the God he knew could not be his adversary.''

God always helps us when we do what he asks us to do.
Sometimes we face the ultimate test of our faith which determines if we will continue to believe or not believe. It can be a serious illness which we experience or the loss of a lifetime dream or the death of a loved one which we don't understand. God wants us to faithfully walk with him no matter what test we face in our life because it is always easier to give up than continue by faith.

By faith - in the fact that God all ways keeps his promises.
Abraham had already exercised faith about 25 years earlier when God had told him to leave his home and to go to a land which he would show him which turned out to be 800 miles away (:8).

At the age of 100 God blessed he and Sarah with a son, who was to become the father of the great nation which God had promised.

Tested (KJB tried) - Gk. to determine or prove the quality. It is used for the purpose of seeing h ...

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