RAPTURED! (11 OF 15)

by Jerry Vines

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RAPTURED! (11 of 15)
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Jerry Vines
I Thes. 4:13-18

These are verses that really speak to us as born
again children of God. I think it is important for us
to locate these verses in the context of where they
are found. They are in the section of I Thessalonians
that have to do with the practical matters that relate
to the Christian life. Keep in mind that Paul is
writing this letter to a group of young converts.
Paul had gone on one of his missionary journeys to the
city of Thessalonica. He had preached the Gospel of
the Lord Jesus Christ. What happened is what always
happens when the Gospel is preached. God honors it
and people are saved. So, these people had come to
know Christ as their Savior and they are young in the

When you read this letter you will discover,
however, that though they are young in the Lord, the
Apostle Paul had taught them the basic truths of the
Christian faith. This is why the Bible teaches New
Testament evangelism in that when you win a person to
faith in Christ you have not concluded with the total
responsibility. The Lord Jesus gave the great
commission and He said, "go and make disciples,
baptize them, and teaching them to observe all things
whatsoever I have commanded you." It is very
important when you lead somebody to know Christ that
you teach them what the Bible says about following the
Lord in believers' baptism, getting into the
fellowship of a New Testament church and beginning to
be taught the basic truths of the Christian faith.
So, this is what had happened to these young believers
in Thessalonica.

One of the things that they had been taught is
the truth that Jesus Christ is coming again. They had
been taught about the death and the burial and the
resurrection of Jesus which give us the essentials of
the Gospel. But they had also been taught the
wonderful truth that Jesus Christ is going to come
again ...

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