by David Davis

The Blessing of Brokenness
Dr. David Davis
Genesis 32:1

Genesis 32:1: ''And Jacob went on his way, and the angels of God met him.''

Jacob is probably one of the most interesting characters in all the Bible. His very name causes one to question how in the world he ever won favor with God.

The name Jacob means ''con artist.'' Now - that isn't the Hebrew translation -- but is is accurate description of what his name really means is ''liar, cheat, crook, fraud, schemer, surplanter, or deceiver.'' Note -- later on in his life -- he gets a new name ''Israel'' - ''a prince of God.''

How do we go from being a ''con artist'' to ''a prince of God?''

This ought to be an encouragement to all of us. If God could change Jacob -- there's hope God can change each of us.

If you are familiar with Jacob's life -- he is the one who stole his brother Esau's blessing from his father, Isaac, with the help of his mother. Isaac, his father, loved Esau because he could make venison to his liking. And there is a world of difference between the two boys.

Esau was a man's man. Red headed, hairy chested, outdoorsman, the hairy red hunter.

Jacob was a smooth man. No hair on his chest and smooth in a deceiving way. He was a mama's boy, tied to her apron strings, always hanging around the kitchen.

However, God uses all of this to display the diamond of His grace and show the mighty transforming power that turned Jacob to Israel -- the worm to the prince -- and this is the same power that can transform you! It is spelled L-O-V-E!

We would have chosen Esau. But God chose Jacob! Why?

God didn't love Jacob for what he was -- but God loved Jacob for what he could become.

There was a basic difference between Esau and Jacob. Esau despised his birthright - the blessing of God - and Jacob wanted it -- even though he went about it the wrong way -- at least, he wanted it! At least he had a hunger for God. Do you?

God loved Jacob for one thing! A desire to know God.

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