by Steve Jones

What Would Jesus Say after a Mass Murder?
Steve Jones
Luke 13:1-3

Sermon Summary: This message is based upon Jesus' response to Pilate's murder of the Galileans recorded in Luke 13. Jesus might say:

1) Ideas Have Consequences. 2) You're NOT a prophet. 3) The Ground is Level at the Foot of the Cross. 4) God's Patience Has an Expiration Date. 5) The Ball is in Your Court

INTRODUCTION: In what is being hailed as the deadliest shooting in modern U.S. history, over 50 people were killed and 200 injured Sunday night, October 1st when a lone gunman opened fire from a perch high up in the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. Many people will have many things to say following this mass murder. But the question I want us to consider today is, ''What would Jesus say?'' What would Jesus say after a mass murder?

Part of the answer might depend upon to whom Jesus was talking. If he was talking to the victim's families, he most assuredly would speak a word of compassion as in Luke 7:13 when Jesus comforted a woman whose only son had died ''When the Lord saw her his heart overflowed with compassion. 'Don't cry!' he said.'' If he was talking to the perpetrator of the crime he might speak a word of judgment: ''If you commit murder you are subject to judgment'' (Mt. 5:21).

But what if Jesus was speaking to a gathering of people like this one, we've heard the news but we're far enough away not to have necessarily lost anyone in the immediate family? What if someone in a congregation like this one was able to ask Jesus what he thought about an incident like the mass murders in Las Vegas? It so happens that something very similar to that is recorded in Luke's gospel. Pilate had murdered some people from Galilee as they were offering sacrifices at the Temple in Jerusalem (Luke 13:1). When Jesus was informed of this by a group of people curious for his reaction he did, indeed, have something to say. I do not know for certain exactly what Jesus would have to say ...

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