by Jerry Vines

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Things Worth Knowing
Jerry Vines
I John 1:1-4

We are looking at our series of studies which I
have called "Things Worth Knowing."

A few days ago I noticed an article in the local
newspaper entitled, "Want Good Life? Check Out Bible
Professor says." It's an article about a few things
that a professor at Harvard University had to say. He
is also the minister of the chapel at Harvard. He
says, after watching the greedy 1980's melt down into
the needy 1990's, he invited searches for the so-
called good life to check out the Bible.

Then, he says about the greedy 1980's: "The
prevailing mood was to have as much of the good things
in this life without getting arrested. Mont Blanch
pens, Lexus automobiles, cellular phones, second and
third homes, and the right schools for their

Then, he says in the 1990's the mood noticeably
changed. He says, "A lot of people have found out in
the '90's that what they tried to find for the good
life in the '80's was a grim recipe. It was
unfulfilling after people got all they could get."

Now, he says for those who tried all the things
of this world in the '80's, having now come into the
'90's are filled with a heart that has all kinds of
needs, "Check out the message of the Bible." What the
professor has said to us is certainly true. There are
many people who live an entire life and they never
really find out what living actually is.

I'm sure you heard about the Texas millionaire
who died and requested that he be buried in his gold
Cadillac. They dug a huge hole so they could put him
and his Cadillac in the hole. They put him there with
his ten-gallon hat in the driver's seat, they lowered
him down into that hole, and as he was going down two
of the workers looked at it and said, "That's really
living, isn't it!"

A lot of people think that's the way it is. They
think you are really livi ...

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