by James Merritt

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A Person of Influence (4 of 4)
Series: Follow the Leader
James Merritt
Matthew 5:13-16

Welcome to those at our Mill Creek Campus as well as those watching online. We are one church at two locations. Today I am teaching from our Sugarloaf Campus. Our Mill Creek Campus is located 20 miles to our north. I encourage you to attend the campus closest to you.


1. More and more and more people come up to me so concerned and so worried about the state of the church and Christianity here in America. They believe that never in their lifetime has the church and Christianity been under such attack and they really worry about the future of Christianity, in a country, whose currency carries the motto, ''In God We Trust.''

2. I share that same concern, but not for the same reason that they do. What do you think the greatest threat to Christianity is today? Do you think it is militant Islam on the rise? Do you think it is an increasing hostility toward Christianity and the church? Do you think it is what appears to be the increasing secularization of our culture? Do you believe it is the fact that more and more people seem to be more and more tolerant of that which the church has been mainly intolerant in its history?

3. I don't believe any of those things are a threat or at least a great threat to the church. I want to share with you a quote by a great British preacher named, James Stewart, who I believe perfectly articulated the greatest threat to Christianity when he said this,
''The greatest threat to Christianity is not Communism, it is not Atheism, it is not materialism, and it is not humanism. The greatest threat to Christianity is Christians trying to sneak into heaven incognito without ever sharing their faith, without ever living out the Christian life, without ever becoming involved in the most significant work God is doing on planet earth.''

4. We have been in a series we have called ''Follow the Leader.'' In this series, we have bee ...

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