by Steve Jones

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Who Is God? God Is Love! - Part 1 (7 of 9)
Series: Who Is God?
Steve Jones
1 John 4:8, 1 Peter 5:7

Introduction: Remember the story of the four blind men who tried to describe an elephant. One felt the tail and thought it was a rope. One felt the side and thought it was a wall. One felt the leg and thought it was a pillar. One felt the trunk and thought it was a tree branch. One felt the ear and thought it was a fan. One felt the tusk and thought it was a solid pipe. If you only have access to one aspect of the elephant, then you can wind up with a distorted understanding of what an elephant is like. Likewise, if we only focus on one attribute of God we can wind up with a distorted vision of what God is like. And that's a mistake we want to avoid in this sermon series on the attributes of God.

Every person is limited by the boundaries of their own life-span and geography. But God has seen fit to overcome those limitations by giving us his Word, the Bible. The Bible gives us the ''view from above'' and allows us to gain a more comprehensive and balanced understanding of the nature of God.

The Bible says that ''God is love'' (I Jn.4:8). Love is a part of God's very essence. His very nature is love. It is natural for him to act lovingly. Love is the essence of his being. But don't make the mistake of thinking that love is the completeness of God's nature. That is the mistake of Rob Bell in his book ''Love wins,'' a mistake that led him to deny the holiness and wrath of God, advocate for universalism (the belief that everybody goes to heaven) and got him fired from his church for heresy. Yes, God is love, but consider these verses: I Jn.1:5 ''God is light.'' Jn.4:24 ''God is spirit.'' Heb.12:29 ''God is a consuming fire.''

So in this sermon series we are looking at several of the attributes of God. So far we have learned about the existence of God, the goodness of God, the sovereignty of God, the holiness of God and the wrath of God. Today we get to ...

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